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Anne-Ashley's Poultry Seasoning

Introducing the best spice in the entire world for poultry..... SUMAC. I had never heard of either until I started the AWD. This seasoning mimics the citrus that I am so desperately craving. While I can marinate meat in lemon juice on this diet, the sumac is just SO much easier and it saves me time in the kitchen. I seriously use this recipe 4/7 nights of the week. Anytime I am cooking chicken this will be seasoning combination that I use. I prefer thin chicken breasts as opposed to thick and I always cook my chicken breasts on my cast iron skillet. It tastes better to me than oven baked chicken and is easier to use than my grill. Who has time to fire up a grill every single night? Not me!

You can find sumac at your local health foods store or on amazon. I found some at Fresh Market if you live in the Northwest Arkansas area.

I did not provide measurements because I literally just throw it on there. The only ingredient you can have too much of is probably salt!

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