• Anne-Ashley

Cashew & Date Power Balls

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Why has no one told me how incredible dates are? It took me getting a life altering chronic illness to find out how AMAZING dates are. I now use them in so many recipes for an alternative sweetener that is actually good for you. I found this recipe in my Acid Watcher Diet book. The original recipe uses almonds but I prefer cashews. Make this recipe with whichever nut you prefer. These power balls give me the pick me up that I need in the afternoon. I bring two or three to school with me in my lunch and have them in the afternoon as light snack. These power balls are even great after dinner as a healthy dessert. They are plenty sweet and packed full of protein. TRY them! I promise you will LOVE THEM. I took them to the clinic this past week and my friends LOVED them.

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