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Greek Yogurt and Granola Bowl

Breakfast….. So many people skip this important meal. It is crucial to start your metabolism because it has been fasting while you have been asleep. You know at 3:00 when it hits you.. and all you want is to crawl in bed with a good movie? You probably didn’t eat breakfast! Well.. I take that back there are some days when I just want to sleep regardless of what I have eaten, I think everyone has those days. Breakfast has always been one of my favorite meals. My dad is to thank for that because as a little girl we would always have breakfast together. I think I started drinking coffee at age ten.. I kid you not. Over the years I have developed some staples that I can throw together in the AM or make the night before so that I never start my day hungry. Greek yogurt has become ever so popular and I’m not going to lie.. at first I hated it. It took me a while to find a brand that I actually could stomach. My go-to in cooking in Fage plain greek yogurt. Give this breakfast a try and you will be amazed at just how much yogurt you can eat for only 130 calories, I know I was! I am a visual person so the more food I have that more satisfied I think I am, I guess its a mental thing.


1 cup of Fage plain greek yogurt

Granola of your choice

Steiva vanilla drops or honey/maple syrup

Frozen Fruit

Mix well :)

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