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Homemade Cashew Milk

I have never been a huge nut milk fan. If I ever drank nut milk it was usually almond milk. Now that I have a recently acquired allergy to almonds I have turned to cashews. I have always loved snacking on cashews but never really thought of them as nut milk material. I was researching milk alternatives online and one that kept reoccurring was Cashew Milk. Everyone said how creamy it was and that it was comparable to milks creaminess. Well you had at me creamy.. so I was down to try it. I first started looking in grocery stores for cashew milk but was IMMEDIATELY turned away because I did not realize how many additives are in nut milk. You are telling me that I can make a nut milk at home with like four ingredients and the one you are selling in the store has like 10??? No thank you. So I went home and researched recipes and decided hey.. if they can make their own nut milk why couldn't I ? The BEST thing about cashew milk is that there is not straining. Fun fact: I didn't even know that was a thing until a few weeks ago. Who knew you has to strain nut milk? Not me. Please give this recipe a change. I LOVE CASHEW MILK. I ordered a glass bottle on amazon and went to town. Make sure your cashews are raw and not salted. I learned a lesson the second time around with this recipe BLEND WELL. My first batch separated like crazy. That typically is not the norm. If you blend your milk well enough it won't separate as bad while it is in the fridge.

*** RECIPE UPDATE: Blend on high for 45 seconds. If you bled it for 1-2 minutes it might get too thick.

When it gets super thick is when you have a fabulous cashew cream sauce for pasta! Recipe coming soon!

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