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Mississippi Pot Roast- Pressure Cooked or Crock Pot

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

This recipe has been by far the most popular recipe on my blog. If you are looking for a hearty and delicious meal then look no further. I have always liked roast but once I had this recipe, it was a complete game changer for me. IT IS SO GOOD and when it is made in an instant pot it ready in literally an hour. Fall off the bone kind of meat (even though there is no bone in my roast) but you get the point. Once you make this Mississippi Roast you will never you another roast recipe ever again... that is my promise!


1 2-3lb Beef Chuck Roast (go up in lbs if serving a bigger family)

1 package of ranch dressing mix

1 package of au jus DRY gravy mix

1 jar of peperoncini’s

1/2 stick of butter

Olive oil (if using a pressure cooker)

1 cup of beef broth (if using pressure cooker) or 1/4 cup if using crock pot

1 yellow onion chopped into big chunks

1/2 bag of baby carrots

Directions for Crock pot***

-Add 1/4 cup of beef broth to your crock pot. Place the chuck into the crock pot.

-Sprinkle the packet of ranch and au jus gravy all over the chuck roast and rub it in (careful to not let the liquid rub off the seasoning.

-Pour a bit of the peperoncini juice into the crock pot (NOT ON THE CHUCK… it will wash away seasoning) place peperoncini’s on top of chuck roast (how ever many you want)

-Place 4-6 TBS of butter ON TOP of roast.

-Surround the roast with the onions and carrots.

Cook on low for 8 hours.

Serve with the gravy made from the roast (thicken if needed by dissolving corn starch in water then adding it to the juice)

Pressure Cooker Directions

  • Press the Saute button on your cooker and wait until it says “hot”

  • -Dry rub the ranch and dry gravy packet all over both sides of roast.

  • -Once the pot says hot place a TBS of butter and some olive oil into the cooker and wait for it to begin to sizzle.

  • Brown both sides of the roast in the cooker.

  • -Pour juice from the peperocini’s around the roast then place peppers on top.

  • -Pour 1 cup of beef broth into the cooker around the roast.

  • -Place 2 TBS of butter on top of roast with the peppers


  • -Place lid on cooker and press the manual button, high pressure for 35 minutes.

  • -When finished cooking release the steam and open the cooker placing the veggies into the juice surrounding the cooked roast.

  • -Set the cooker manually on high for 5 minutes for the veggies.

  • -Once the 5 minutes is up release the steam and open the lid.

  • -Strain out all the roast and veggies and set aside.

  • -Dissolve corn starch into water and pour into the juice. Press the saute button heating up the juice to thicken into gravy. Once it has reached your desired level of thickness turn off cooker and serve immediately.

  • Serve the roast and veggies with your favorite side. I served mine with  Creamed potatoes.

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