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The Easiest Butter Pasta

Basically my entire life I have been addicted to salt and butter. I remember as a little girl ordering a bagel toasted with salt and butter. Don't knock it till ya try it. Being on a low acid/ anti-inflammatory diet has been an adjustment. One thing that I am so glad I can still have is butter. That is why I make my butter noodles so often! I was eating butter noodles before pesto, butter and acid free sauces became my only option. If you are dining out at an Italian restaurant and are at a loss for what to order (I am looking at you acid reflux people) then order a bowl of noodles with "light butter" and little Parmesan. Top that off with some salt and BAM.. you have a dinner you can enjoy without worrying if you are going to die from acid suffocation in your sleep. Okay, that is dramatic.. but seriously sometimes it does feel like that. Anyway.. back to the recipe. I love Jovial pasta especially because their GF noodles do not taste bad. They aren't chewy nor do they have a weird flavor. They are just normal noodles that would go unnoticed by anyone in your family if you just so happened to plop some down on their plate. I also only use Kerrygold butter and Himalayan sea salt. They are both the most unprocessed in their collective groups and that is what I am after. Unprocessed and whole foods that are filling and don't trigger my symptoms!

You will LOVE this recipe because it is SO easy and can be a quick night side without having to heat up sauce and simmer this and chop that... who has time for all that??? Just give me the butter people!


  • Pasta of your choosing (Serving size will depend on how many mouths you are feeding) I prefer Jovial Gluten Free or whole grain pasta

  • Kerrygold butter (stick or spreadable)

  • Salt

  • Parmesan

  • Italian Seasoning


Cook the pasta as directed on the box.

Add in 1/2 TBS of butter (more if cooking a larger quantity)

Add in salt to taste (this one is all up to you!) I like mine salty

Top with Parmesan and Italian seasoning

Note*: This recipe is all about YOU. Add as much or as little butter as you want. You don't like cheese? The leave it out! If you like pepper add that in too.. oh wait you like garlic and onion powder?-- same I just can't have it so throw that in to. There are no rules in YOUR kitchen. Add whatever you'd like.. my recipes are just guidelines.. not rules. If you do make changes I would still love to know how the recipe turned out and pics :)


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