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The Ultimate Multipurpose Creamy Cashew Sauce

Cashew Cream Sauce...... where have you been my entire life????!!! I am not going to lie friends, I was a straight skeptic. I thought there was no way to replace my beloved Creamy pasta sauce. Well, I thought wrong. This sauce is incredible. I make one batch of it and use it on two plates of pasta for dinner the first night and over rice and chicken the second night. I think what makes this dish so good is the flavor. You think because you’re using cashews that it would taste nutty. As much as I love cashews... if it tasted nutty, I would most certainly not be putting it on pasta. I can still have dairy with no problems but I do better when I cut it out. I cannot wait to use cashews in future recipes. They are seriously in my opinion the most versatile nut out there. If you have a high speed blender then you can make this recipe! If not, then you can invest or hope to invest (Aka: Christmas) in a food processor. It’s my on my Christmas list this year! I have an incredible Vitamix blender that I love to use for anything nut related but food processors are easier to work with when doing small batches of things.

Anyway, enough jabbering and on to the recipe!

*NOTE: salt is your friend in this recipe!

STEP ONE: The soak (okay, that’s a bit dramatic)

Ingredients: Soaking the Cashews

1 cup of boiling water

1 cup of raw cashews


Place 1 cup of cashews in a bowl and pour one cup of boiling water over the cashews and soak for 45 minutes to an hour. (If you aren’t really in a pinch, 30 minutes will do just fine)

STEP TWO: Blend it on up

Ingredients: blending

-1 cup of soaked raw cashews- RINSED & DRAINED

-1 cup of chicken or vegetable stock

-1 TBS of Italian seasoning

-salt to taste

(The next time I make this I will be adding sumac to mimic lemon- this will give it an almost Alfredo like taste)


-place cashews and 1 cup of stock in a high speed blender.

-Blend on high for 45 seconds to a minute. You do not want the mixture super runny. You want it a bit thick. Keep blending if it’s not thick!

Tranfer mixture to a bowl and add salt and italian seasoning. Garlic and onion powder would be great too (I just can’t have them but you do you!)

Use this sauce on top of rice, pasta and chicken!

SO good... heck I’d even put it over mashed potatoes!

-place cashews and 1 cup of stock in a high speed blender. —

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